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Ava Marine Services was set up by Captain Soli Contractor, (IN, Retd), along with his elder son Maneck Contractor in 1989. His younger son, Phiroze Contractor, joined the business in 1990. Ava Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2004.


The focus of the company was to manage, maintain and operate motor yachts, sailing yachts and all such kinds of water craft. Over the years, the company has undertaken, yacht refit projects, sail training ship projects for the Indian Navy, water sports at seaside resorts and water sports complex projects. We have also consulted and supervised the construction of a number of yachts, built in the country.

The company represents Esmario Export Enterprises, Secunderabad, who are the all India officially, authorized dealers and suppliers for Mercruiser, Mariner and Quicksilver products, manufactured by Brunswick Corporation, USA. In addition to this, we also represent Powerstones Trading Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, who are the all India officially authorized dealers and suppliers for marine accessories marketed by Plastimo, France and Vetus, Holland. Apart from having our personnel officially trained in the above products, our team is very well experienced and equipped to service a wide variety of other brands of boats, marine engines, electrical systems, electronic systems, hydraulic systems that all play a vital roll in the all-round upkeep and maintenance of yachts to a very high standard. All electronic diagnostic kits and special tools have been made available to our technical team so that they may carry out routine and breakdown jobs the way they are meant to be carried out.

Amongst the marine engine brands, our technical team is very well versed with inboard engines i.e. Mercruiser, Volvo Penta, MWM, Perkins, Yanmar, Leyland as well as outboard engines i.e. Mercury, Mariner, Yamaha, and Suzuki engines. We are well versed in both, the petrol as well as the diesel versions of marine engines and their various drive systems.

Apart from the engine, yachts have various complex systems, all integrated to complete any yacht. The complexity of these systems can vary from yacht to yacht, (invariably, the bigger the yacht, the more the equipment and its operating systems). Our technical team is very knowledgeable on the maintenance of these systems, be it electrical, electronic, hydraulic, air conditioning, interior furnishings and fittings, water systems, marine head systems, pumps, reservoir tanks, navigational lighting, safety systems, (both yacht and life saving), fire fighting systems, …….


As far as operations are concerned, the boat is maintained meticulously by our team. The crew appointed by us, on behalf of the client, to carry out daily maintenance jobs are trained, supervised, and monitored very closely. We carry out fuelling personally to ensure no pilferage and maintain a very strict fuel log. Stocks of cleaning material, onboard equipment and spares, are closely monitored. The crew is trained in basic hygiene and….. We monitor the trips and boat usage closely and can make available, backup within the Mumbai harbour in case of any breakdown, rescue requirement or any such emergency.


A list of boats maintained by Ava Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. along with their owners is attached for your reference. In addition to this we are also very proud of a project we have done for the Indian Navy as we also represent the reputed and well-known naval architect and yacht designer, Mr. Colin Mudie of the U.K., and have supplied the design of a large Sail Training Ship for the Indian Navy called the TARANGINI. This vessel was built in India and has joined the Indian Navy on completion of her sea trials. In 2004, she completed her first circumnavigation of the world! During the construction, it was necessary to inspect the vessel in the shipyard and report back to the designer in the U.K. The navy is so happy with the performance and utilization of this ship that they are in the process of ordering a second ship.

We at Ava Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. we truly believe that in India, the potential of what our coast has to offer, in ways of leisure and water sport really needs to be exploited and enjoyed. There is so much to do and such good times to be enjoyed on the water; we want to get you out there and back with no worries. We are fully geared to meet this potential increase in leisure boating in the country and look forward to serving you in any way we can. Ava Marine Services Pvt Ltd. strives to become your complete stress buster on water. We give you your own private little water world.

See you on the water………… Cheers!!

Our Belief

At Ava Marine we believe that your time on the water is precious and always ensure that each moment spent onboard is enjoyed to the maximum. Our services cover all aspects of Yacht operations so you merely step on and off your Yacht fully satisfied. Ava Marine strives to become your complete stress buster on water and provide you, your own private water world.

See you on the water & Cheers!!

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